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Siria Toccafondi - Foglie di Cavolo

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Introspective and self-exploratory, “Foglie di Cavolo” (Cabbage Leaves) is a publication by Siria Toccafondi which investigates the cultural differences and similarities of the British and Italian landscapes; the artist – who is originally from Italy and has lived in England for 3 years – presents a series of photographs which illustrate her personal experience of integration and homesickness between the two environments.

“Foglie di Cavolo” consists of photographs taken in both countries, with various photographic apparatuses, connected together by an atmosphere of ambiguity created by a fragmented sequencing and editing. The work originates from the artist’s revaluation of her relationship with her homeland;as she questions her national identity, where she belongs, Toccafondi attempts to find her answers by observing her surroundings. Toccafondi uses imagery as a tool to analyse what makes a homeland truly a home and where she can find hers; this work represents the fissure between these explorations.

“Two truths approach each other. One comes from inside, the otherfrom outside, and where they meetwe have a chance to catch sight of ourselves.” – Tomas Tranströmer

Foglie di Cavolo 

by Siria Toccafondi 



28 pages

Hand Stitched (Green Waxed Leather)

Edition of 40

Published 2020 

Image Selection and Layout by James Brook, Text and Cover by Siria Toccafondi.

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