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Joe Singleton - Six Months of (Social) Housing in Sheffield.

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About 50 years ago the housing development committee in Sheffield published a book; “Ten Years of Housing in Sheffield”. Captioned in English, French and Russian it was intended to serve as a blueprint for the rest of the world on how to house a booming population in a flourishing industrial city. 50 years later, the examples portrayed within it have either been demolished or replaced with steel and glass accented apartment blocks for occupation by the ‘upwardly mobile’. ‘Six Months of Social Housing in Sheffield’ is about the places that have survived, it’s about the irrepressible character of communities where the underrepresented make a home for themselves. It’s about the smell of cooking on the landing; it’s about the fire brigade putting out a bin fire again; it’s about the old folk drinking in the communal garden. It’s about home.

Edition of 50 

Uncoated 250gsm + 120gsm

Soft Cover with red waxed leather binding

52 pages


Published 2021.

Comes with A3 poster and sticker.



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